How Oracle Netsuite helps customers stay #OpenForBusiness

Posted on June 26, 2020

In the middle of the Pandemic COVID-19 many business are closed down or the business is very unstable. Many industries can’t open their business because the regulations that the government applied still going on and does not have accurate timeline when the environment is safe to everyone.

As Christopher Lochhead, a CMO turned podcaster, said while moderating the most recent virtual event in Oracle NetSuite’s Open for Business series that “There’s no back to normal. The life we knew in February is something we’re not going back to.”

How can businesses build resilience right now?

Now, as the economy reopens, companies need to plan and prepare for whatever the “new normal” may be.

We sat down with business leaders across various industries and departments to pick their brains on how they continue to build business resilience as we have our way back to whatever the “new normal” may be. They discuss changes they’ve made to their businesses amid COVID-19 that will likely remain permanent, expanded control and visibility into their supply chain to enable greater agility, the shift to an omnichannel presence and more.

These thought leaders also dive into their opinions on how COVID-19 will impact their industries in the future and how businesses should prepare.

There are 3 keys that help you stay #OpenForBusiness :

1. Visibility - Improves connectivity, Relevant and actionable, Improves adoption time, Increases Productivity.

2. Control - Listen to employees, cutomers, shareholders and stakeholders. Communicate and engage.

3. Agility - Make informed decisions and system flexibility reduces.

With the “New Normal” regulation, many companies especially in Indonesia need ERP System on Cloud that integrate the whole business process, give them support, and real-time data that accurate and reliable for decision making.

Optima Data International is the solution. As Oracle NetSuite Partner, we can provide you our best ERP System solution that provides dashboards and prebuilt reports that quickly and easily illustrate your momentum and progress to investors, giving them confidence to offer additional funding and with our experience consultant, we can help the implementation of Oracle NetSuite that fit into your business.


Contending with the New Normal: How Businesses Are Staying Alive and Preparing for an Unfamiliar Future

Thought Leaders Discuss Building Business Resilience as the Economy Reopens

Leaders Discuss Building Business Resilience as the Economy Reopens