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KOM Otoklix

adminoptima - May 6, 2022 - 0 comments

Hi Optimizers !

Jakarta, February 25th 2022 “OtoCare Platform” Project

PT. Optima Data Internasional Freshworks and Otoklix Indonesia held a Virtual Kick Off Meeting ceremony for Freshdesk Omnichannel implementation.

Otoklix Indonesia is one of startup company that focuses on the Automotive aftermarket domain.

With Freshdesk Omnichannel solution can help Otoklix Indonesia to:
✅Accelarate Otoklix’s team efficiency
✅Provide instant help accross all channel
✅Let omniroute handle agent assignment
✅See a holistic view of support performance
?Delight customers with AI and Bots

Thank you Otoklix Indonesia for trusting ODI and Freshworks, its an honor to be part of our customer growth✨

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