About iSeller

iSeller was founded and built by Intersoft Solutions, a leading visionary tech company that invented innovative web and mobile technologies used by NASDAQ, Medco, Boeing, Airbus, Accenture, Microsoft, Citibank and thousands of global companies in 35 countries.

We aimed at creating the most forward thinking commerce platform that changes and enhances people’s live, making selling and accepting payment easier, anytime on any channels.

Meet iSeller — a comprehensive yet affordable commerce platform that empowers people to run and manage their business with confidence, grow and scale their business in magnitude of order.

Unique and better in every way

From advanced PaaS concept, authentic experience design and multitude of innovative features to flexible multi-tiered subscriptions – there’s none like iSeller.

Omni-channel Commerce done right.

Meet iSeller, an advanced Omni-channel Commerce platform that you’ll love to use everyday. It’s a perfect blend of state-of-the-art interface design, revolutionary technology and decades of engineering expertise, resulting in a truly unique commerce enabler with incredible features designed for today’s most demanding business.

User-experience first design approach.
  • Our design philosophy is strongly focused on simplest and intuitive user experience that solves a specific task very well rather than multiple tasks with generic, mediocre experience.
  • Unlike other generic POS with cluttered interface and sea of buttons, we created different editions of iSeller app that are highly focused and tailored to a particular business type. As the result, users see only the functionality they need with proper workflow suitable for their business. No more tedious workarounds or ugly hacks.
The only personalized commerce platform.

While most commerce platforms offer similar functionality and generic features, only iSeller offers truly personalized platform that suit your preferences and business branding. Upload your own store logo and background which appears in the iSeller’s welcome screen.

Say goodbye to boring greyish theme most other platforms used in their admin. With state-of-the-art interface design, iSeller lets you choose from dozens available themes that you will make you smile and enlighten your day.
Every small detail does matter to us — and you’ll definitely love it

The most advanced, full stack commerce platform. Sky's the limit.

Built with extensible platform in mind, iSeller has everything you need to manage and grow your business – quickly and easily. Need automated integration to accounting, email marketing, marketplace, and CRM? There’s an app for that – thanks to iSeller’s rich partner ecosystem.

iSeller Solution
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